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Mini Golf for Good: Taking it to the Next Level for PTSD Treatment & Awareness

If you look back on our blog and YouTube you’ll see plenty of pics and video over the last few years of something called the #minigolf4good tournament - an unconventional fundraiser for the IC focused on connecting much needed mental health services with veterans, contractors and their families. This year, 2024, marked the 4th fundraising event put together by members of BTS and other key...

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Mini Golf for Good, Round 2: Bigger, Badder, and Better for PTSD Treatment

How do you top an amazing first-of-it’s-kind fundraiser when it’s time to launch the sequel a year later? Well, you go bigger, reach farther, push harder, and try to outdo yourself in every area you can. That was the theme for this year’s IC4 Mini Golf 4 Good tournament for PTSD treatment, the second event of its kind after 2021’s wildly successful first run. Here’s a recap of what’s...

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Mini Golf for Good: Behind the Scenes of the 2021 Mini Golf Tournament for PTSD Treatment

Every day we lose 22 veterans to suicide. This number doesn’t even include other civilians, contractors, and families affected or impacted by this difficult mental health condition. Many of us have seen the impact PTSD can have; but it can be even more devastating when left undiagnosed or hidden. In summer of 2020 BTS set out to put some walk to the talk regarding PTSD treatment and helped...

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