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Mini Golf for Good, Round 2: Bigger, Badder, and Better for PTSD Treatment

How do you top an amazing first-of-it’s-kind fundraiser when it’s time to launch the sequel a year later? Well, you go bigger, reach farther, push harder, and try to outdo yourself in every area you can. That was the theme for this year’s IC4 Mini Golf 4 Good tournament for PTSD treatment, the second event of its kind after 2021’s wildly successful first run. Here’s a recap of what’s being called THE summer event for the intel community and why the community itself is the reason it’s been so successful.

Where it all began

Let’s back up. This June’s mini golf tournament is actually the 3rd PTSD-focused fundraiser that BTS has been a part of. It all started during the peak of the pandemic when a summer 2020 virtual fundraiser helped bring in over $30,000 for the work of Headstrong and its important mission of bringing frictionless and low-cost mental health treatment to veterans, their families, and those in the government contracting community. Building on those relationships, the IC4 charity was formed (a collective of BTS leadership along with Tailored Access’ Brian Dahlheimer, Cymertek’s Jason Freedman, and Rebel Haiku’s Jon Barnes) to launch 2021’s inaugural mini-golf event which, quite frankly, blew our doors off with how much people loved the event and how generous and supportive our players, sponsors and volunteers were at every step. If you haven’t read up on this backstory, make sure you do that here

Now for 2022’s event. Knowing that excitement was building and people were asking, we set out in the winter to begin the sponsorship process. Yet, here’s what happened that set the tone for the entire spring and the event itself. 

What surprised us

  • The sponsorship packages ALL sold out in days. Our community partners and leaders were eager to sponsor and said yes as soon as we asked.
  • We realized our financial goal could be higher. We had the opportunity to go bigger and raise even more for Headstrong with the reception we were getting. So we did.
  • We maxed out sponsors, players, and volunteers. Yup, literally every slot was filled before the event. 

What didn’t surprise us

  • We realized that PTSD’s impact is far-reaching… maybe farther than we ever thought, impacting so many lives. People want to help.
  • We weren’t surprised at the generosity. We know this community cares, all we did was open the doors and everyone in the network rose to the occasion.
  • We weren’t surprised to learn that the IC4’s mini golf event was securing the reputation of the most fun event around for Maryland’s intel space. 

By the numbers 

  • Not one but TWO giant “winners” were elected to go on our Porta John doors (Pics below)
  • 2 distilleries and 1 brewery were onsite
  • 1 axe throwing rig (Thanks Axgard!)
  • 20+ trophies and awards
  • $2000 raised in spontaneous generosity the day-of the event
  • 1 50/50 winner who gave ALL his cash back for the cause
  • 62 volunteers
  • 45 sponsors
  • 90 cigars
  • And most importantly, $60,000 raised for Headstrong!

The impact is real

What’s so compelling about that final stat is that we are already seeing boots on the ground results from these fundraising events and activities. For example, since 2021’s tournament, Headstrong has expanded from 5 clinicians in the central Maryland area to over 26! That means Headstrong’s ability to be in close proximity to our veteran and Govcon community is not just a vision, it’s a reality. Also, that $60,000 figure translates into just under 400 individual sessions for those needing vital PTSD treatment and care! That is a truly amazing story and the most powerful statistic of all.

As we form traditions around this event, we again paused to honor the memory of a fallen hero whose story directly illustrates the vital role of organizations like Headstrong and their work in the mental health field. Our featured hero this year was Specialist Scott Peterson who passed away this year and shared openly about his struggles and challenges finding the help and support needed as part of his wounds of war. Hearing from his brother Chad Peterson and sister Robin Barnes, we were all reminded in a powerful way that PTSD treatment is always about real people… and there’s plenty of work to be done. 

At the end of the day it’s not about numbers or statistics. It’s about reaching those who are suffering and ensuring they’re receiving the treatment they so desperately need. Together, the intel and Govcon community in our central Maryland region (and beyond), has stepped up to show that we are a force for good and can truly do great things when we partner together. 

A massive Thank You to all the sponsors, partners, volunteers, and players who made this year’s event possible- from hauling ice to ordering supplies, to set up, take down, spreadsheets, margarita machines, and loading endless amounts of tables, chairs, and equipment on and off trucks… Thank you. 

Together, we are making a real impact. 

Check out all the pics and info from the event on the IC4 website as well as watch the recap video and pics below!

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