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Why Hire A Veteran?

With many veterans transitioning into new roles as they conclude active duty service, it’s important to note that while a veteran may not match a position description exactly, they bring countless other attributes that could make a tremendous impact on an organization or team. Make no mistake, transitioning to the private sector isn’t easy but, from our perspective, there are countless reasons to consider hiring a veteran, even if they don’t match a position on paper. As a veteran-led company that’s constantly hiring veterans, thank you to all our nation’s veterans and Happy Veterans Day.

Why Hire a Veteran?
  • Perspective: Military service is unique and brings a perspective that is robust, human, and diverse. A veteran’s experiences, while different than the typical commercial or corporate world, are just as valuable for making decisions, getting things done, and operating on a team.
  • Discipline: Military service instills a sense of personal action and duty that’s almost unrivaled in any other profession. Veterans have had to discipline themselves at a high level and are experienced in assisting other teams and individuals in doing the same.
  • Results-Oriented: Veterans have experience in high-intensity roles that demand results, no matter what. The skills that help bring about results on the battlefield are the same skills that can bring about results in the board room.
  • Responsible: Chain of command leadership is built around trusted execution by everyone in the organization, top to bottom. A veteran understands this and owns his or her sphere of responsibility innately.
  • Trustworthy: From protecting our nation’s secrets to securing her borders, a veteran knows the power of trust; both for what trust can do in the right hands, and the damage that can be done when it’s broken.
  • Team-Oriented: Veterans know inherently that it takes a team to succeed. They know how to be good leaders AND good followers and understand what it takes to get a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal.

Are you a veteran transitioning to a new role? Do you need some help making a move to the private sector or commercial space? BTS can help. We might even be a great place to land. Check us out and let us know.


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