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BTS Behind the Scenes: Meet Team Lead/Advisor Kathy Carlson

BTS Behind the Scenes is a chance to showcase the people who are making things happen at BTS and give you a “behind the scenes” look into their worlds. In this month’s feature we’ll talk with Team Lead/Advisor Kathy Carlson and talk about cat herding, leadership, wins, losses, and life. You’re incredibly active in the community and with various veterans’ organizations- tell us...

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Veterans in Transition: Advice for Employers on Hiring Veterans

In this Veterans Day blog series, we asked our veteran workforce what advice they would give to employers as they engage with and interview veterans who may be entering the civilian workforce for the first time. From jargon to job descriptions, requirements and work ethic, here’s the advice from team BTS. "What advice would you give to employers when it comes to interviewing and hiring...

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Veterans in Transition: What I Wish Others Knew

In this second Veterans Day blog post we asked our veteran workforce to share what they wished other people knew about what their time of transition was like. Below are their answers and thoughts as we recognize the contributions of our veterans and seek to support and encourage those in the midst of a transition themselves. "What do you wish other people knew when you were making your...

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Veterans in Transition: Advice From One to Another

As a veteran-led organization, BTS has always been about recognizing the contributions of our veterans and focusing on what they bring to the table, whether in uniform or not. On this Veterans Day we asked our workforce to answer the question below about transitions- an important topic for all those who are moving on from active-duty and looking to continue making their mark in new ways. "What...

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Why Hire A Veteran?

With many veterans transitioning into new roles as they conclude active duty service, it's important to note that while a veteran may not match a position description exactly, they bring countless other attributes that could make a tremendous impact on an organization or team. Make no mistake, transitioning to the private sector isn’t easy but, from our perspective, there are countless reasons...

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