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Forged in Service, Forward to the Future: BTS Celebrates Ten Years

This summer, BTS proudly celebrates 10 years of battle-tested innovation, service, and teamwork, an accomplishment rooted in service to the national defense and the fortitude of BTS teams past, present, and future. As we look back with a sense of pride, we know that this journey was not without its scars. It had its hardships, its trials, its crucibles. Yet this adversity is what made us stronger. It tempered our resolve, it galvanized our mission. It made our people stronger.

As a blacksmith heats, cools, and hammers a shapeless bar into a deadly sword, the fires from the forge of the past decade cause us to reflect and respond as we push forth into the future. The branches of our identity today grow into something that is rooted in the changeless truths of our past. Those truths are:

We are forged through service

From day one the BTS mission has been to support the national defense and ensure a safer tomorrow for all of us, no matter if the arena is the battlefield, the boardroom, or beyond. Service is why we exist and if we don’t have that front and center, we’re going nowhere.

We are forged through combat

From our leadership teams to our downrange staff and veteran workforce, BTS has been forged in combat. This perspective makes the mission real for us in a way you simply can’t appreciate otherwise. It’s what drives us and what sets the stakes so high as we do our best work every single day, no matter the job.

We are forged through tenacity

The last 10 years have been a rollercoaster. For everyone. From sequestration to budget cuts to COVID, digital transformation, and nation-state attacks on our infrastructure. We have seen the threats up close and personal. From the existential challenges to the looming darkness of the adversary, we have confidence in the future because we’ve made it through the fiery furnace of the past.

We are forged through possibility

Good people with great ideas are truly the raw materials of innovation. BTS was born as a startup, an organization birthed with a mission in motion, evolving as we went. Yet what got us to today isn’t enough to get us to the future. It takes a constant hammering, heating, beating, and tempering to fight for the future possibilities that don’t exist in the present.

Growth is never easy. We don’t celebrate for the sake of celebration. We put credit where credit is due- on the people, partners, and support of our customers and community at large who have been with us through the peaks and valleys as we have become the BTS of today. This celebration will last a moment. But the mission goes on forever.

We have walked through the fires for a purpose. We are BTS.

BTS. Celebrating 10 years of service. 2011 – 2021

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