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Limitations and Mastery: Solo Sailing Around the World Like it’s 1968

In 2019, BTS’ David Tohn set off to sail a leg of the Clipper Race Around the World. Today, the skipper of that boat, Guy Waites, prepares to set sail on an even greater challenge, the Golden Globe Race, which involves sailing around the world – non-stop and alone - using technology from the 1960s. As a sponsor of Guy Waites Sailing, we asked Guy some questions about why anyone would do this,...

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Battling Mother Nature for a Cause: The BTS/HCEDA Clipper Race Adventure

While sailing may be a popular pastime with some, it’s most likely the kind of sailing that involves relaxation, blue skies, friendly waves, and a memorable day on the water with friends. For BTS CEO David Tohn, and HCEDA CEO Larry Twele, an upcoming sailing trip involves leaning off the side of a 70-foot racing yacht at 4 in the morning in gale force winds and rain in temperatures just...

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