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We Sent Quarantine Survival Boxes to our Entire Staff. Here’s the Story.

How do you encourage and connect with a workforce suddenly required to stay home? BTS recently came up with a creative solution to connect with our teams and, in case you missed our feature in Technical.ly Baltimore, here are the details. It’s called the QBOX, short for “Quarantine Survival Box.” We launched it this May, a box-based idea originally created as a Birthday Box for our staff to...

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BTS Behind the Scenes: Meet Joe Hughes, Digital Network Analyst

BTS Behind the Scenes is a chance to showcase the people who are making things happen at BTS and give you a “behind the scenes” look into their worlds. In this month’s feature we’ll talk with Digital Network Analyst Joe Hughes, a member of the team with some wise words for the next generation and some top-notch home projects to show off from the COVID-19 quarantine. What path brought...

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BTS Behind the Scenes: Meet Chasity Thompson, Senior Analyst

With the current COVID-19 situation we’re taking this month’s installment of BTS Behind the Scenes to feature Senior Analyst Chasity Thompson. As an experienced analyst Chasity is not only supporting the intelligence mission but also the mission at home (kids, family, husband, garden, etc). We asked Chasity how she’s rolling with the changes and the perspective she takes about keeping the...

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