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BTS Behind the Scenes: Meet BTS’ Recruiting Team (Part 2)

BTS Behind the Scenes is a chance to showcase the people who are making things happen at BTS and give you a “behind the scenes” look into their worlds. In this month’s feature we’ll continue the conversation with BTS’ recruiting team and talk warrior mindset, wake up juice, career advice and cornhole. If you haven’t read Part 1, make sure you catch up here first!

Chris, you’re posting a video series on LinkedIn called Warrior Wednesdays. What’s that all about and what kind of feedback are you getting?

Chris Manning: The theme behind my Warrior Wednesdays is Knowledge, Inspiration, and Motivation. I provide transition tips, resume tips, warrior methodology/ethos, and a little bit of motivation/ inspiration for people. Some comment and share publicly, a lot of other people will message me or discuss it with me as I am interviewing them. I have had quite a few people thanking me for doing the series, but overall if it helps people out and provides worth to them, I’ll continue it. The inspiration behind the series was my own transition. I did not have an easy one.

Eric, not many people know this, but you are kind of a big deal in the world of cornhole, right? Tell us about it!

Eric Cope: All I’ll say is, I spin the bag, I don’t toss it. I started playing competitively in 2010 in Texas and played against a bunch of “professionals” down there. Then I moved to VA and started playing in a league where one of the best Cornhole players in the country played. Me and my partner were once lucky enough to beat him and his girlfriend. The keyword is once.

Kevin, what are you up to when you’re not sourcing top talent?

I collect a lot of sports memorabilia, specifically, authentic signed NFL helmets, footballs, baseballs and bats, hockey pucks, Superbowl rings, etc. I also have over 5000 vintage Baseball cards. Beyond that I’m a boater with a 42’ Sea Ray cabin cruiser. I also cook my own meals but I’m a very big restaurant connoisseur.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role? What keeps you coming back?
  • Chris: Giving back to the veteran community and helping others succeed in life.
  • Eric: Helping people get into a position that meets their individual career goals.
  • Kevin: Finding advancement for others in their careers which in turn moves them and their families further ahead in their lives.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given when it comes to your career path?
  • Chris: “Any man can be beaten on any given day; we must prepare for that day to come.”
  • Eric: “In recruiting you’re only as good as your next hire.”
  • Kevin: “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”
What’s the most challenging part of your daily grind?
  • Chris: Keeping up with everyone and all of the responses.
  • Eric: Balancing meetings, admin, and recruiting.
  • Kevin: Putting in my 100 calls by C.O.B.
Speaking of daily grind, what’s your go-to wake up juice each morning? Coffee or something else?
  • Chris: Greens, Shake and Energy by Seacret. 100% natural and clean fuel.
  • Eric: Glass of water.
  • Kevin: Jack Daniel’s! Just kidding, I usually don’t eat or drink anything until lunch, then it’s Powerade.
Best film or series you watched during the pandemic:

Cobra Kai (Chris), Peaky Blinders or Vikings (Eric), Yellowstone (Kevin).

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