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BTS Behind the Scenes: Meet Kirsten Posko, Director of Corporate Services

BTS Behind the Scenes is a chance to showcase the people who are making things happen behind the scenes at BTS so our teams can do their best work on the front lines. In today’s feature you’ll get to know Kirsten Posko, Director of Corporate Services (and clearly a Ravens fan). From benefits to the back office, Kirsten is working daily to support our staff, teams, and families… we’re grateful to have her and today, you get to meet her.

When you were 7 years old what career did you think you would have one day?

I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. I actually even flew to San Diego when I turned 18 and auditioned for American Idol at the San Diego Chargers stadium – obviously, that didn’t work out the way I may have dreamt. Lol. 

How did you go from American Idol to something like BTS?

My professional career started in 2011 at Aerotek Staffing. I worked in Human Resources and more directly in Employee Relations. After 4 years I was interested in expanding my knowledge and exposure into the HR field as a whole and began looking for something that wasn’t as siloed in one area of HR. I set up an interview with Dan and David the first day I was connected with them – offered the job before I returned from my lunch break when meeting with them. I started at BTS in September 2017 as the 26th employee. Within the first two years here we grew to nearly 100 employees.

Give us some more details about your role

I’d have to say the government lingo and acronyms were tough to get acquainted with at first (and still are the most difficult thing to pick up on here) but I am adapting as it comes! Overall, my job consists of managing all HR functions from on-boarding and offboarding all employees, regulating and decision making for health benefits programs, maintaining compliance with all federal and government laws, while also mixing in a little bit of party planning and office management. My time here has been great not only with the people and relationships I have built but the exposure and experience I have gained in this short amount of time was not expected.

What’s your go-to beverage or snack during the workday?

Diet coke and Cheez-Its when I can find them at Costco – it’s usually hit or miss!

Word on the street is that BTS’ benefits package is truly top notch. Why has BTS put so much into benefits and healthcare for its employees?

BTS puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring our benefits packages are exceptional because not only do we care about our people, but we want our people to know we care about their families as well.

What are some other key ways that you support the staff in your role?

In addition to the HR functions, I currently support the office management side of things from keeping the office supplied with office supplies to drinks and snacks while also having a large part in planning things like our yearly company party at the 868 Winery.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

I’ve always seen my role in HR as rewarding because it’s almost like the counselor in the company – the source, the place where employee go when they need answers and that is what drove me to HR to begin with.

Ok, now tell us about these amazing Ravens pictures!

These pictures are from one of the Ravens holidays events at their training facility (aka The Castle). The first picture is me with all three of the Ravens TE’s– Hayden Hurst, Nick Boyle, and Mark Andrews. The second picture is with the Marquise, aka Hollywood Brown (WR), and the MVP, Lamar Jackson.

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