Erich Izdepski, CTO

Erich Izdepski began his engineering career 28 years ago, starting as a nuclear engineer and Officer in the Navy. During his time in the Navy, Erich was certified as the chief engineer of a naval nuclear propulsion plant- the highest certification the US Navy has.

He is a plank owner of the USS George Washington, and spent 3 ½ years helping supervise construction and testing of the nuclear plants, culminating in taking the ship to sea for the first time. He was selected as an instructor and spent 18 months at a training facility supervising a crew of 35 “nukes” and training the next generation of officer and enlisted personnel on a live nuclear plant. Responsibilities included the maintenance and testing of the nuclear plant. On the USS Nimitz, Erich was a Principal Assistant. He ran the nuclear reactor safety exercises and the training program for 400+ nuclear plant operators on the ship for 2 years.

Erich has focused on software the past 20 years. His software experience includes working with socket-level custom protocols as well as working with TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS and higher level application protocols like JSON, XML, REST, building web sites and desktop applications. He is also an expert with geo-location systems, both client and server, having developed systems for generating KML data and sharing it with external clients like RaptorX and Google Earth. He has worked with embedded systems for Software Defined Radio and designed a NodeJS based system for a single board computer platform that collected data from a WiFI Access Point and used a 3G cellular modem for data exfiltration. He was the manager for device testing and certification of WiMAX devices for a network stood up in Spain. He is also a mobile device development expert and on his own time has developed applications that have been downloaded over 100,000 times from the Google Play App Store. Erich has been the Principal Investigator on two DARPA contracts and is an inventor on 18 patents.

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